What are ScrapCodes?

ScrapCodes brings your scrapbooks to life! You can instantly add video, slideshows, audio clips and more right to your pages. ScrapCodes safely and securely link your digital content (Videos, photos, recordings) to your scrapbook. Finally you can view all your most precious memories from any smartphone or tablet while enjoying your scrapbook.

Now you can Scrapbook Video!

Videos are being taken all day everyday of things we care about and want to remember.

Kids play soccer… you take video.
Kids learn to ride a bike… you take video.
Get married… you take video.
Family vacations… you take video.

Even though videos are now as common as photos, they have never before been included in scrapbooks. People either need to risk their security and make them public for ANYONE to see on places like YouTube and Facebook, or store them on backup drives and computers that rarely are ever seen because of the ability to connect and view those videos once they are stored.

You have the control!

ScrapCodes allows people to easily upload, manage, and share their videos to those people and events that mean the most to them safely and securely. Intended viewers simply need a smartphone, tablet, or computer to scan the ScrapCode, and then see all the great videos of the events in your scrapbook.

With ScrapCodes you can now take all your video (including digital photos and recordings) you have taken, and include them in your scrapbooks! Even better, you do not need to upload your precious videos to a public site for just anyone to view. ScrapCodes provides an easy to use web and phone application, that will safely and securely store all your videos and content, while only allowing the people you choose to view your videos.

EASY as 1,2,3

ScrapCodes can be customized and ready to go in just 3 easy steps.

  • 1. -Logon and upload your files (photos, recordings, videos, etc.)
  • 2. -Assign your files to a ScrapCodes tracking sticker.
  • 3. -Place the sticker on the scrapbook page to view your
    special memories.
"I love being able to see video of my grandkids with just a click of my phone." ~ Polly H.

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