ScrapCodes FAQs

1 – Do ScrapCodes need to be scanned by the ScrapCodes app? No, any QR codes scanning app can scan a ScrapCode. At&T has a good one. ScanLife is very popular, too. Just search 'QR code scanner' in the Apple app or Google Play store.

2 – Can I use ScrapCodes in my digital scrapbooking? Yes, you don’t ever have to use the ScrapCodes stickers if you don’t want to. Once a ScrapCode is added to your account you can download the code from our website or using our free app add it to your photo library.

3 – Is each ScrapCode different? Yes, every ScrapCode that we produce is different.

4 – Can a ScrapCode be view on a computer without scanning it? Yes, each ScrapCode includes a URL at the bottom of the code. After a code is customized, anyone can type this URL into any browser on their computer to view the media associated with the code.

5 – Do you offer an app to help customize a ScrapCode? Yes, we offer apps for both Android and Apple devices. Click here to download our app now.

6 – Can I see how many times my ScrapCode has been scanned? Yes, each ScrapCode shows the number of scans.

7 – Can I change the media once a ScrapCode has been customized? Yes, ScrapCodes can be changed as many times as you’d like. If you uploaded a video and you want to change it to a slideshow you can. You just have to be aware the old media will be deleted as the new media takes it’s place.

8 – Can I add more than one media item on one ScrapCode? For example, I’d like to upload two video clips and one slideshow to the same ScrapCode. Currently we do not offer the ability to upload multiple media items to a ScrapCode. We are working on this functionality and it should be available in the next few months.

9 – How long are media items hosted? ScrapCodes will host your media forever.The media you upload is hosted for three years ad free. After that we place family friendly ads on the page with your media to pay for long-term hosting.

10 – Can I pay for ad free long-term hosting? Yes, after three years of ad free hosting you may choose to pay for ad free long-term hosting.

11 – How many pictures can I add to one ScrapCode? Currently you can add 100 pictures to a code by using our website. If you are using our mobile app you can currently upload 20 images.

12 – If I change the media on my ScrapCode, will the previous media be deleted? Yes, when ever you change the media on a ScrapCode the previous media is deleted.

13 – How long can my video clip be? ScrapCodes allows you to upload 1.5 gigabytes of video data.

14 – Are ScrapCodes acid free and safe to use on my scrapbooks? Yes, ScrapCodes are also water and tear resistant.