Scrap Codes? What Are Those? YOU Will Want One!!

Ooh, I have the coolest new thing to show you today! ScrapCodes makes customizable QR code stickers that are fantastic for both traditional and digital scrapbooking. If you have a smart phone, you are probably already familiar with the little square codes we're starting to see everywhere. Advertisers use them all the time: "Scan this code for more information!" You scan the little code with a smart phone, and you are whisked away to whatever information is locked into that code.

So now, brilliantly, we can do the same thing on our scrapbook pages! You can link it to a picture slideshow (hello, perfect for those of us who take 700 pictures of a single event and somehow can't figure out how to cram them all onto a layout...), upload a video, record an audio message, write a note, or link it to a website. For my first project, I linked my QR code to a YouTube video...

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I'm loving these!

I do digital scrapbooking (lots of it!) and have started taking more video now that I can also bring my pages to "life." I love being able to see video of my grandkids with just a click of my phone. I have pre-loaded some of the codes onto your site, then my daughters-in-law can go into my account and upload videos of their little ones from their homes (one as far away as Louisville). I can then take the pictures they email to me and add the codes to the pages I make. One daughter-in-law said it was an easy way to let her mother see her videos also. All she needs to do is email the link to her mom, and she can watch the videos she takes as well. Even without a scrapbook page.

Another thing I did was upload an audio clip of my mom talking with my 4-month old baby many years ago. She passed away in 1985 when he was just 18 months old. It is the only voice recording I have of her, so I uploaded it and then put the code on the back of her picture. I can just scan the code anytime and hear her voice now. It's awesome!

I also take lots of pictures of our family vacations and special events and have been putting them to music for the past few years. I have uploaded a few of those and attach the code to a page from that trip or event. I recently made a video for my husband for our 31st anniversary, so I added the code to the back of our wedding picture.

~Polly H.

Easter Egg Hunt using Scrap Codes

I know Easter is only one day away, but I still wanted to share what we'll be doing Sunday morning. I love Scrap Codes! Their really fun and versatile product utilizes QR codes to personalize whatever you want. When you receive one of their codes, you add the specific code number to your account and then are directed to a page that allows you to upload photos, video, audio, notes, or add a link to something else. I decided I wanted to spice up our little Easter egg hunt and combine it with the popular scripture egg activity where each egg contains something that has to do with the Resurrection.

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